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Madigan's Waterfront News
Today is Friday, November 27, 2015
St.Patrick's Day Celebration
We're ready to kickoff our infamous St.Patty's Day Celebration! To indulge all of your Irish taste buds, start off with our delicious Madigan's Irish Stew while sharing the tasty Buttery Red Skin Potatoes. Top it off with our famous Corned Beef and Cabbage and wash it all down with a thirst quenching Green Beer. Result: an amazing, entertaining, and tasty evening! Just remember to wear something green :-)

An end in sight to the cold!
In anticipation of the coming warmth, hopefully sooner rather than later, we've begun to line up our Spring and Summer menus to delight your palettes. The Tiki Bar awaits us all in eager anticipation of the arrival of Spring as well.

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